Holistic Wellness Uncensored
Holistic Wellness Uncensored
Lahana Vigliano, MS, CCN

Welcome to Holistic Wellness Uncensored

Helping you navigate healthy living with functional medicine - UNCENSORED!

About Us

Holistic Wellness Uncensored is ran by Lahana Vigliano, CCN + her team. They are board-certified clinical nutritionists + registered dietitians trained in functional medicine nutrition. While they specialize in hormonal imbalances + digestive disorders, their passion for natural living is strong!

Why You Should Join Us

Tired of the censorship and algorithm changes on regular social media platforms like Facebook? You're just a woman who wants to learn how to be healthier for cryin' out loud! ;) Holistic Wellness Uncensored is a place where you can get the benefit of a Facebook Group Community, but also not be afraid of censorship of hot topics in healthcare that deserve to be talked about. Plus, you have a team of functional healthcare professionals that have your back to help answer some questions!

A Big Thanks

Friends, thank you for all the support for sharing this platform to reach women who are looking for a community to support and guide their wish to live more naturally! 

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